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Help with Medianav 4 1.0

Unread post by WhiteMoon »

Hi everyone!

Im currently having a problem with Medianav, i tried to upgrade to 4.1.0 but something went wrong, the installation never finished. I waited like an hour with the upgrading screen and had to turn everything off.

Since then, Medianav is stuck in a loop in the loading screen with the Renault and LG logo, but in rare occasions it turns on and works perfectly fine. When i go to "system version" in Medianav it says that i have the 4.1.0.

And here is my question, is there something i can do to fix the problem when the radio turns on? I thought about using the update firmware option but don't know what to update to, my ideas are these:

Install an older version. (Its that even possible?)

Install the same version.

Install a "recovery" patch that i found in the official site of Renault Navi Extras (is not working anymore but i enter it using web archive) In the description of this file it said "if you have a problem during the update process, please download the file below. Copy and unzip it to the USB stick root, and connect the USB stick to your device. The update process will start". I tried this solution when the radio doesn't turn on but the update process never start.

Install a custom firmware (if something like that exists)

What do you think i should do?

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Re: Help with Medianav 4 1.0

Unread post by Meevo »

you need to redo your update with another usb 2.0 key Format in fat32.
use another usb key to successfully update.
then you will be able to repair the GPS errors once it is finished.

Lien update 4.1.0 :
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