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Global Rules

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General Rules

1- USERNAMES: Members can't edit their usernames and that they don't seem to be allowed to request it. Websites names and unpronounceable nicknames (like Klmn454824IOIoo) or range solely usernames don't seem to be allowed.
It's not allowed to register with a username containing:
offensive and obscene language, or inciting to violence in any language and in any form) ;
any personal information: phone numbers, net addresses, e-mail, IMEI, etc..

a) it is not allowed to decide on AN avatar containing:
offensive and obscene language and pictures, also as incitement to violence ( in any language and in any form) ;
b) Any personal data: phone numbers, net addresses, e-mail, ICQ, etc. - also as mixtures of characters that may be thought to be such knowledge.

3- SIGNATURE and standing
signatures containing :
a) Advertising in any type.
b) Any personal information, phone numbers, web site addresses, e-mail, ICQ, etc. - also as mixtures of characters containing such knowledge. Links to resources at intervals GPSPower coded links to users' personal blogs or sites area unit allowed.
c) we recommend to feature your GPS model in your signature, so it'll be easier to assist you.

4- PRESENTATION: New members should introduce themselves within the forum specified for that particular reason as they feel like to in here.

5- RESPECT MEMBERS/MODS/ADMINS: Speak with courtesy, with courtesy as civilized persons. don't use rude, vulgar or insulting words in your posts.

6- BOARD LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH: don't post messages in any language aside from English.

--- All posts ought to be denoted in English if you have got a problem with this please to use an internet translator and add English translation.

8- RESPECT FORUM RULES: Any member who doesn't respect these rules, is going to be the topic of a ban from this forum.

9- BE RESPECTFUL OF THE LAW. this suggests no transfer of any outlawed activities, infringement, or pirated material possession.

10- Board RULES for making threads and posts.

a) Before making a replacement thread or post you ought to browse the foundations in the Rules section.
Post within the right section.

b) The thread title ought to be a lot of informative as doable. within the body of the post, provides an elaborate description of denoting files or your drawback.

d) it's terribly doubtless that your question has been mentioned antecedently use the computer program. you'll use search by Tag cloud too
If you discover a subject that matches your issues, you ought to not now write a post. it's terribly doubtless that your drawback has already been mentioned and an answer is denoted in thread. make certain to browse the post. do not provoke already requested stuffs.

e) making duplicate posts is tabu. If you have got accidentally created a post within the wrong section, don't produce the same post in another section. send a personal message to the moderator - he can move it within the correct section . do not cross-post (the same post in additional than one thread).

f) Roughness, rudeness, insults don't seem to be allowed. it's tabu to electrify conflict, also a response to provocation. If you think that you have got been abused report this truth by pm to the Moderator. He can take the required measures.

g) within the title and body of the posts is tabu writing all told CAPS.

h) it is not allowed the utilization of slang and abbreviations in threads titles. within the title, you ought to use the initial name of a map, program or device: this may facilitate forum search.

i) It's tabu to form Off-Topic posts not involving thread discussion, or involving personal correspondence with a specific member of the forum, together with advertisements personal correspondence. Use please the personal electronic messaging system.

l) Don't write personal needs, like " facilitate. Urgent !". If members understand the solution to your question, they'll respond no matter "urgent" in the title.

m) Pure thanking posts and answers consisting solely of smileys, purposeless, useless posts, recurrent requests don't seem to be allowed and can be deleted with none notice.

n) it's strictly tabu to debate the actions of the workers. If you trouble the worker's actions, please contact our Admins. The criticism is going to be investigated.

o) Publication of non-public ads for the acquisition, sale or exchange of devices, maps, accessories, and different kinds of stuff, isn't allowed.

p) If you have a call for participation or an issue, dont open a replacement thread, however, please post in Discussions or in Firmwares sections or within the connected computer code or map thread.

11- doesn't support advertisements of different English speaking synchronic forums (subject to the choice of directors And Moderators).

-WE wish to stay THIS FORUM legible, CLEAN -

TechnologySub's directors and Moderators can reserve the proper to edit, delete, or move any post on/off the forum while notifying the member for their post to confirm that the first functions of the forum area unit maintained.
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